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Sayulita Bird Watching Tours in Western Mexico seeks to enrich the lives of its travelers by supporting ecotourism projects that involve local communities in meaningful, professional work that is sustainable, and of benefit to nature, conservation, and education.

The magic in Birding is in the conservation of our natural resources.

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Birding – Bird & Wildlife Photography Expeditions

There are no lines in nature,only areas of colour, one against another.

Edouard Manet,1832-1883

no more than 30 minutes from sayulita

Hello birders, welcome to Sayulita Birding Tours Expeditions !!

During the half-day tour, which implies approximately a time of between 4 to 5 hours, we will not travel more than half an hour from Sayulita, which is where we are located, during this tour we will be in constant movement, which will allow us to visit agricultural areas, jungles, lagoons, wetlands and coastal areas perfect sites for a  4-5 hour or a full day birding trip near Sayulita with a great variety of birds.

The variety of birds that we could spot during this tour varies depending on the season of the year.

Normal number that we could spot on a normal day would be between 50 to 117 species, but our highest mark is 137 species, both endemic and migratory.

Descripcion falta

Lugares, Jardin botanico PV, San Blas, San Sebas, Rancho Primavera, Tepic

8 horas maximo 13 horas

birding expedition through wester mexico

This tour can be customized from 2 to 6 days we will visit the most important sites in the community of birders that visit us in the Mexican West.

¡¡ Do not forget to book in advance !!

Payment methods

We suggest our guests make a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the booking in order to guarantee availability on trips scheduled more than a week in advance.

Please note that many birders and travelers plan their trips months or year in advance.

Extra Hiking tours

ceroo del chango, altavista, sayulita san pancho


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More info about your Tour

Send me a message if you require more information for the tours, I will answer you as soon as possible all the questions you may have.

50% is required to book, the rest upon arrival.
*The paypal commission will be paid by the customer.

Founder & Leader

L.Vidal Prado Paniagua

Sayulita Bird Watching Tours

Western Mexico-since 2008


What the birders say

Thanks for your visit, excellent migration home.

"Vidal took us on a hike up Monkey Mountain, he is a great & very knowledgable guide. Highly recommended."
Cyndi Anderson
"Vidal is great. Got us to just the locations we wanted to go, planned everything out and kept us going at the speed we wanted birding all day long."
Mark Shieber
As an amateur bird watcher, I really appreciated Vidal’s knowledge, skill, and passion in birding. His company was wonderful (along with ‘Uncle Benny’s’) and we both enjoyed our time exploring the local bird species of Nayarit."
Ruby Tumber

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