Monkey Mountain

join us to hike to the summit and explore the wildlife

Birding and Hiking

In climbing this mountain, you not only get immersed in the jungle and forest en route–when you reach the top you’ll find absolutely stunning views of the Nayarit countryside and the Pacific Ocean in all directions.

The summit of Monkey Mountain is probably the best viewpoint in the region: since its so close to the ocean, you see miles of coastline in both directions as well as the valleys and mountains that define the geography of this part of Nayarit. The views from the top are simply spectacular. The name, Cerro del Mono comes from the small clay figurines, or monos, that the indigenous peoples used to leave all over that mountain, looking out over the sea and the land.

Monkey Mountain

Birding and Hiking in the largest of the hills to the south of Sayulita

  • 2 - 3 persons

    $ 70 / each

  • 4 - 7 persons

    $ 65 / each

*Prices in US dollars


Bilingual Guide




Spotting scope


Round trip transport


Bird reference books



* The requested equipment has to be taken care of and delivered in perfect condition or a charge will be made for the total cost of it

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Where do your tours depart from?

  • If you are staying in Sayulita or San Pancho we will pick you up where you are staying. If they are outside the area they have to be a minimum of 2 people to pick them up at an additional cost.
  • Private tour we pick you up where you are. More than 5 people per group is considered private and has no additional cost.

What time does the tour start?

  • Summer time 7:00 am; Winter time the tour starts at 6:30 am (local time)
  • Afternoon trip Summer 4:00 pm, Winter 2:00 pm

How difficult is this hike?

  • Easy to moderate


what to bring

Long pants or shorts

Closed-in Shoes

Hat / Cap




Insect Repellent

Flask with Water


Non plastic disposable bottle